Run or Walk To Save Lives

While billionaires start charitable foundations like what Bill Gates and his wife did with their financial services made available for the poor and the others giving very generous donations-those whose capability depends not on money chose to make a difference in their own little way.

A number of employees from Surigao City’s (Philippines) mining companies, government and non-government agencies, as well as some students and teachers from different schools have chosen to RUN/WALK the 3K, 5k, 10k for the CAUSE, “Run for humanity – I choose to run to save lives,” in the event called, “Million Volunteer Run 2” organized by Surigao City Red Cross last February 10, 2013 whilst most have been busy prepping for a surprise, planning, or booking for the Valentine’s Day.

They did it. How about you?

Details and Photo from Mary Mae B. Penera-Community Affairs In-Charge of PGMC

More informative posts for your reading pleasure by clicking on the link below:


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