Basics on the Wall Part II and Our Nephews’ Academic Performance

My brilliant nephews during their recognition last year: Errvard Jerremiah Javier-Penera, 4 years old, (right in both photos) RANKED NUMBER 1 in KINDER 1 class, plus a WORD SMART (ranks number one in spelling and other quizzes that have something to do with words) special award; and Travis Christoff  Penera-Adams, 3 years ol (left in both photos) RANKED NUMBER 2 in KINDER 1 class with BODY SMART (looks good in what he wears all the time) special award.

Basics on our house’s walls reinforced by our teaching the boys paid off with how they ranked in their classes last year.

Now that they’re a year older, EJ five (Kinder 2 in our city’s public special education class) and Travis four (Kinder 2 in a private religious school), play with each other and their toys while conversing or simply making remarks in straight grammatically correct sentences such as:

EJ: Travis, do you want one?

Travis: No, kuya (endearment for older boys). But look, do you like it?

EJ: It looks great!

Or there are instances when both of them are into their puzzle letters and they create words. Mind you, all the words that they form are correctly spelled.

EJ at five is already excellent in reading and even sometimes impresses me to the point of mentioning him when I am having my speech and oral communication class with disappointing tertiary students and tells them how articulate my 5 year old nephew is and how he sometimes teaches Travis how to read and correctly pronounce words although the latter already knows how to read and pronounce words only EJ would like to assert his being older and his knowing more than the younger Travis.

Lately, I have noticed that when the boys are not allowed to watch their favourite cartoon on Disney, they ask for pen and paper and I specifically notice EJ devising a quiz. The following was his work:

2               two                     five                    eleven
16             zero                    six                      sixteen
10             one                     eight                  ten

He showed what he created and asked me to answer it. He simply wanted me to encircle the right words by taking into account the numbers on the left. It impressed me although the penmanship could use some improvement.

We started reaping “basics on the wall’s” results last year and we are hopeful that the boys will still climb on stage ranking number one in their classes in the years to come.

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